Thursday, 31 May 2007

Islamic Warfare – The Strategy

The Future for Great Britain

The 21st Century English Civil War - 4th Generation Style

God Speaks and Confirms my 'Words'

UK Government - Terror Threat a National Emergency...

Great Britain - The sinking cry of death

The Point of No Return - The Brink of a Revolution

Breaking News: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

Knights Templar – 21st Century Christian Crusaders

The Enemy we Face

WARNING - The 2 Faces of Britain

Islam's 'Great British' infiltration

Declaration of War

Luton - Hub for International Terrorists

Terrorism - All roads lead to Luton

Luton & Dunstable - The Pakistani Moslem threat

'Allah's' Luton Militia - Civil War

The Epitome of Islam in Luton

Al Qaeda's Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

Al Qaeda’s silent mobile Luton army – ‘The Luton Moslem taxi cartel

Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection

A Warning to the Dunstable Community

A Warning to the Dunstable community - The Proof

Dunstable Take Over - Islamic Kingdom building

Heroin: Golden Sword of Jihad

Luton - UK Afghan Heroin Base camp

'Shame' on the British Government - Under Cover Mosque

The British Cloak of Injustice

Where is the British people’s Guantánamo Bay?

Islam's UK Mouthpiece

Shopping Centre Threat

London Terror Alert

Police corruption

Jihad (Holy War) against Our Children & Labour's complicity

Gods General - The Elijah effect...

Britains Special Branch

Abu Izzadeen has staked Islams claim to a section of our country

A step way to far by the Muslim Council of Britain...

Lawless Britain

What are you?

'Your an Extremist'

The Fear Factor

Broken Arrow

Islam - From the pit of Hell

Israel - A Message of Solidarity

Northern Ireland - A Light to Humanity

The Dawning of a New Horizon

Global Terror On The Horizon

War to the End - Armageddon - WW3


joeblogs said...

Glad to make this first comment here!
Not so very far from hot bed Luton, I can confirm much of what you say from direct observation.
Problem,..when the average Joe is shopping at Tesco, or similar, and he sees the average Mo'med with his trolley and three or four little boys filling up on those infidel products that he's permitted to by,(jack cohen must be laughing in the heavenly isles), how can he relate to the threats you describe?
OK so Mo has got his four boys and he's sporting an uncut beard and baggy pants and afghanshirt,but then old Joe with his 1.5(or less)kids, might not get the connection.
So a few NHS doctors are trying to blow us to kingdom come, but his own GP Doctor Ahmad seems a decent sort of chap.
Those ugly-faced bastards trying to blow old Joe with chapati flour bombs, or fertiliser fireworks, just seem such farcical chumps, not to mention that so far, they've all been up before the Beak and the juries' have packed them off for life in UK's over crowded gaols.

How to educate Joe about Mo then?
Guess we will have to wait until they get lucky with their intentions.
In this respect, Special Branch, MI5 etc. are protecting Islam more than Britain, because if there is one thing that might educate Joe and his British kith and kin, it will be Al Quaeda bombers getting lucky, and the resulting issues of gore-drenched pictures on the front pages and the TV.
This unfortunately is what will wake Joe to what Islam promises to the rest of the world that does not bow in subservience to Mo and accept their own defeat at his soldiers hands.
So in that respect, given that Security Services cannot be always on top, old Joe Brit is in for a nasty shock, and a rude awakening.

LionHeart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog joeblogs.

everything you have stated is completely true, the only time the British people see a moslem is when they are in tesco or the like and they see a smiley man/woman and their family and then say oh no their not like that they are nice people.

little do they know what was spoken before they left home or when they get back to their homes.

We are then called racists and islamaphobic for speaking the truth, the truth that most people have no clue about or want to know about.

the next attack might wake people up to the truth or to atleast start looking.

God bless you


General Stiltskin said...

If you are a patriot, please can you correct your English spelling and remove the Americanisms!